Week 4 : Affordance

Affordance & Social Media Platform

This week post will examine a celebrity of their 2 social media platforms, the differ communication found on this platform. The analysis will identify to week 4 reading of “Affordance”.

To my understanding “Affordance” are the elements which support end user’s desirable outcome. In several examples includes: Balls being thrown, door knobs being turned, the door being swung open… Relating this to our topic of Social Media, affordance can be perceived as environments to the user; just like the “earth has furniture”, social media represents the earth while the furniture is described as features like “likes, shares, comments”. My analysis examines Lily Collin social media online presence in relation to affordance.

Lily Collin’s Facebook

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 5.46.20 PM

The visual cues have guided me with my interaction with this platform :

  • The blue colour emphasis on the essence that the account is verified.
  • The community block reinforces this by indicating the popularity of the page according to other users likes & follow, especially those who we know. Also, it relates to social affordance – important to shaping my action online. e.g I am more likely to like her page based on what my pairs have done ( social conformity )
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 7.09.01 PM
The improved like button

Facebook enabling features provides a channel for the actress (Lily Collin) to connect with her follower/fans. The low-level affordance can be identified as programmatic features such as the like, follow and share button.  Reflect back to the earlier point of environmental affordance, the Facebook introduction of improved “like” feature (see above image) is otherwise a component of its furniture. A pathway to connect user response to actress’s posting. Interestingly, it’s constraining factor is the inability for Collins to reciprocate the followership – the page layout and set up differentiate this celebrity account compare to the rest of us, mundane people. It creates an environmental affordance to her other social network sites; for instance, I am able to connect to her Instagram feed through the link she posted on Facebook. Hence, social network mediates the environmental pathways online.

Lily Collin’s Instagram

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 7.53.43 PM
Instagram profile: Unlike Facebook, follower & following indicates actress circle of friends instead of the other way around.

Unlike facebook business like profile page, Instagram provides the actress more relatable profile by showing her “following” people. This social network page provides a convenient summary of her activity through the panel view layout.

Differ to facebook, the like button is in the shape of the heart. Using the reading material from Tania & Helmond, we can be assumed the this heart button is indeed a constraining factor of the program effectiveness; owing to this, the user must imagine and approach the heart button according to the call-for-action which they understand. This imaginative process is otherwise called imagined affordances.


Both social networks has functioned as a promotional tool for her latest performance “To the bone”, her bibliography and the new movie. While facebook concentrates on an impersonal sale promotion strategy, Instagram strives to build personal interaction as actress communicates visual media of behind the scene events, unfiltered ( to the extend of being staged) to represent authenticity. Her communication content is then considered as an affordance for user response. Response would then measure the popularity of the campaign and message to the general public.

Author: Phoebe Siu

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